The Different Kinds Of Ivory Coloured Writing Surfaces

We use writing surfaces for many things. Especially, in a schoolroom setting or a meeting room setting we need to have some kind of space where we can note down points we are discussing about. We used to have black coloured writing surfaces for this purpose. We wrote on those surfaces using chalk. Since that is a not a very healthy practice and also not a very convenient method, we have now moved on to using ivory coloured writing surfaces.There are different kinds of these ivory coloured writing surfaces. Like the best white cork board, each of these writing surfaces can be a great use to the people who choose to use them.  

Fixed Ones

The fixed ones are usually the ones we mount on the wall of the place we want to have it. For example, usually in a schoolroom setting we do not have to move the writing surface around. So, we fix it to the wall by making sure everyone in the classroom gets to see what we write on it clearly. Once it is installed we simply have to write what we want to write on it using a marker and clean the surface after the lessons or discussions are done.

Mobile Ones

The mobile ivory coloured writing surfaces are also quite popular. They are mostly used in professional workspaces where people have to talk about all kinds of points all the time. It is always a great investment for a company because that way you can use the same writing surface for different work done by different people in the same office. Instead of installing different wall mounted ivory coloured writing surfaces in different rooms employees of the same section can share a couple of mobile writing surfaces. This helps the company to get the work done without having to spend a lot of money to install separate wall mounted ivory coloured writing surfaces into different offices.

Ones Which Come with the Magnetic Attachment Option

We also have ivory coloured writing surfaces which come with the magnetic attachment option. This kind of a magnetic whiteboard is not only good for writing down points but also to discuss things while putting on different notices or pictures we have with us on the surface. It can be used both as a writing surface as well as a notice showcasing space. We can use it for both of these purposes.Since there are these different kinds of ivory coloured writing surfaces we should focus on choosing the one which fulfils our needs perfectly.